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Hi there!
We wanted to send you an update on Baxter’s (Buttercup) progress since we adopted her in July 2011.  She’s doing great!  Her quietness only lasted for a couple of days– she’s had a big personality ever since.  She loves going for her walks every day and playing fetch in the field across the street.  Her favorite thing in the whole world is to get belly rubs, especially when she’s still sleepy in the morning.  She’s made fast friends with our extended family members’ dogs, Diogi the Jack Russell terrier and Ripkin the puggle, and she always gets excited when we all get together to play.  She’s also doing really well in obedience school and has learned sit, down, and stay.  We’re still working on “drop it”.  Thank you so much for saving Baxter and letting us adopt her into our home!  She’s become a much loved member of our family. 
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