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Hi Bonnie and Ed,
Well after our first day and night with Cody we are glad that this will be his forever home!  Koda and Cody have been getting along very well and at times seem to be enjoying each others company!  We had a family get together last night and Cody got a chance to meet my family members that are frequent visitors here and he was great, and of course everyone loved him!  We are very impressed with how much the two of you care and love the dogs that you take in.  We feel like that played a major role in our adoption of Cody.  The knowledge and passion the two of you had for Cody made us feel comfortable with the information you gave us about him.  Our newest family member seems to be settling right in and loving being here!  Thank you again so much we are very happy with Cody and look forward to many years with our two dogs! We attached a picture of Koda and Cody loving the breezeway together!