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Rescued Treasures received a message today from someone concerned about a cat who showed up on their porch last night. In less than an hour, the cat was picked up and immediately transported to the vet. The vet immediately began warm IV fluids and put him on a heating pad. “Elijah” is currently fighting for his life. He appears to be older and neutered and declawed. He is lethargic, almost emaciated, dehydrated, flea ridden and hypothermic. His bloodwork is showing some elevated numbers and further testing is being done. Any donations you are able to make toward Elijah’s care would be greatly appreciated.









Ultrasound showed some “debris” in bladder – one kidney looks like “an old cat kidney” – the other looks good His heart looks great. Whatever that “debris” is in bladder should show up in urine culture. They gave him Convenia by injection. and will continue fluids for at least the next 24 hours. They want to run blood work again tomorrow after the Convenia has kicked in and after he has had 48 hours of fluids flushing out his system. He will need to be on a prescription K/D kidney diet. Results of urine culture will be in 5-6 days.

Any financial help would be greatly appreciated to help cover his vet bill and post care.



Update 2/15



Elijah is coming home tonight. Kidney panel came back almost perfect.He weighs only 5 lbs and is all skin and bones right now but he will soon be fattened up.

Special thanks to Kristen Eldridge for reaching out to us for help with Elijah, Laurie LoMonaco for rescuing him and giving him a warm home to stay in and to his doctor Dan Lenhard who took the very best care of him.













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