Hannah is doing beautifully. She really acts like she’s always been here.  She is getting used to our commands and routines. We are getting used to her too, as she has some more energy than our last dog. She takes stairs up and down without hesitation. And she handles airplanes at the airport like they were just cars.  She loves to travel, and stays put in the back seat.  We went through some storms  o. k., but I tried a Thunder shirt (homemade) and she seemed to like it.  (look up Thundershirt on the internet.)  My version is just a shirt tied firmly.  The last storm we didn’t even use it, and the hail and rain and lightening were a doozy, and she just stayed up close and trembled a bit. Obviously she waits to eat until she realizes we are NOT going to give her people food.  Then she eats her dog food.  She likes rawhide trerats, and chasing rabbits in the back yard.  She has had NO accidents, and must have a teriffic bladder.She has already learned not to get on the furniture or the bed.  Our vet loves her too.