Hello Peg, just giving you an update on King. He is doing very well, and happy & healthy.  King did well over Thanksgiving when we had company over. He saw them, barked and ran upstairs to the bedroom, he did this several times, and eventually worked his way into the dining room with all of us, but kept his distance from my parents. Guinness has gotten better at the same thing, he will eventually go up to my Mom and sniff her and she can pet him before he backs off, I think eventually King might reach this stage too. I always tell anyone who visits, to let the dogs come to them if they want, but don’t go to the dogs.
At night when I go upstairs to bed, both the boys follow me up, and King waits for the OK to get on the bed, he snuggles up to me and rolls over for a belly rub. when he has had enough he will eventually get down and go to his bed on my side on the floor.  He never has an accident in the house, there was only a rare occasion in his first few weeks here that we missed his cues he was giving us.
He spends his days playing with Guinness, and King loves playing and fetching balls, playing tug-a-war with Guinness with ropes, and chewing on his rawhides.  He loves car rides, and his walks. Everyone that sees them think they are real brothers because they are so much alike.
Take care, and I will give King a hug from you
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