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Thought you might like some pictures of Kira (Emmalayne).  She is fitting in well.  What a smart little girl.  She can go through our full length tunnel and up over our agility dog walk.  Kira loves going for walks in the woods.  She climbs and walks on all the downed trees and just loves to snoop.  She’s fitting in pretty well with our dogs and boy does she imitate them.
Kira went for her first chiropractic visit in Rochestor with our other dogs and she liked being adjusted. She rode well in the car.  She’s been to many different houses and met a lot of people and she takes everything in stride.  She also did well in her first visit to PetCo.  We’re having fun with her.  Thanks for giving her such a good start!  She has us wrapped around her little paw!
Kira_stocking_best_12-10 Pooh_Dargo_Kira_ChristmasTree_Best_12-2010_2