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This is our Luna (aka Fiona) who we adopted in June 2015.  We can’t tell you how much joy, laughter and love this girl has brought to our family. She has soooo much personality and love that just exudes out of every inch of her. She is ALWAYS happy and playful, although cuddling is also one her her favs. Our 11 yr old dog loved her at Country Max and at the home visit and played great with her. The minute she was dropped off and the door shut, Biscuit wanted nothing to do with her. Luna was like “Hey, you loved to play before why are you growling now?”  I felt so bad for Luna . Luna persevered and changed her rough playing to gentle playing and they play several times a day now. They also cuddle together to sleep. Bis is now getting the exercise and happiness he needs at 11 yrs old. We hope Luna extends Bis’s life. Best decision we ever made for both of them!!  So that’s our Luna love story and the end!