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We wanted to share an update on our 3 legged wonder girl Maria Michelle. She has increased the happiness, joy,wonder and excitement of our home in only a way she could do. We are so very grateful to Laurie LoMonaco at RTPA and Dr. Allen Edwards for saving the happiest dog we have ever met. We lost our beloved Peyton in April 2017,a toy poodle that we rescued 16 years ago. We still were blessed with a brother and sister pair of miniature poodles, Gibbs and Aurora, but something was missing due to Peyton’s passing. We had tried to adopt several small dogs from local rescues in Buffalo, but never even received a call back. So when MM bio came up, we applied right away, not knowing about her future leg loss. Once we met her, there was no question she was meant to be a part of our family. Little did we know how profound that statement would be. Laurie brought MM to her new home just 3 days after her leg was amputated . Someone forgot to tell MM she only had 3 legs! Her 2nd day with us, I found all 10 pounds of her sitting atop our king size bed when I got out of the shower. She had made herself at home. BTW, Gibbs & Aurora were not allowed on the big bed! She loves her brother and sister and especially running after the ball and toys with Gibbs. She just loves the snow and has learned how to share treats and toys. She makes us smile every day and is in a consistent state of happiness. We can’t imagine life without her. It is like she has always been a part of our family, even though she just joined us 10/8/17.

There are no words to adequately express our sincere appreciation for all you do . Thank you Laurie and Rescued Treasures. God Bless you all !