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Miss Mila



On November 1, I brought home this adorable little tortishell kitten named Miss Mila from a wonderful foster mom, Maia Dorsett.

With 2 adult female cats and 2 Golden Retrievers, I had no idea what to expect. The first couple weeks were an “adjustment”, to say the least, but I have to say “Millie” has become a most welcome addition to our family. She takes no grief from anyone and has made everyone else aware of her position in the pecking order. In spite of her size.

I lost the love of my life on April 26, 2018, my 18 year old Gus, who was my parents’ kitty until June 2010, when my Mom passed away. I have had a hard time getting through his loss as he was also my last attachment to my parents.

Millie has helped fill the void and it’s so good to be able to laugh again. She is the Perfect Match for our family. And, most importantly, my husband adores her !! He also was missing Gus very much.

I saw a saying in a catalog recently which read,
“Rescuing one cat will not change the world. But, it will change the world for that one cat. “.

After we get home in April, from wintering in Florida, I would like to volunteer to help Rescued Treasures in what ever way I can.
And, yes, Millie will be traveling with us with her big sister, Molly. Newki is spending the winter with a friend and her cats.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to return happy kitty times to our home.

Becky Cox