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If anyone ever asks if it is possible to train a dog that is eight years and older, please tell them yes that it is indeed possible. I am in school all day and when I get home, Mozart is ready to fly to do his “business.” He virtually does not ever have accidents! His tail is up in the air constantly and arched over his back. Meishka has turned fifteen this month, and I pray that she does last a while longer. My gosh, Mozart surely loves her. He does not even let her walk a few inches, and he is right behind her. It is delightful to see and yet somewhat sad. I do wish Meishka could see him, but she is after all totally blind. The best thing I have done in a very long time is rescue this darling dog; Mozart is such a comedy act and has brought so much joy to Frank and me. I do not ever forget Yoshi, whom I loved so, but Mozart has certainly filled that empty void that was there after Yoshi’s death. You should see him with Frank now! When Frank is around, he will not want to eat on his own but instead wants Frank to feed him. And by gosh, Frank does cause Frank just adores him. It goes without saying how happy Frank is that Mozart now has accepted him…………….almost too much because he expects Frank to spoil him. He is a happy dog, Bonnie, and we are so happy we found you people on line. It will make five months on the 28th of this month that we have had him. It does not seem possible; it seems so long ago because of his super adaptation to us and his surroundings. I think he is so happy all the time because he knows how much he is loved!