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“Phoebe” was adopted by us on Sept 27,2010.  She is doing well in our home and has become the little ‘princess’ of the household.  She has made fast friends with Brody, our Retreiver/Shep mix, and yelps a lot less often these days when he tries to play with her, and even initiates play with him.  Though Tanner, our Great Pyr mix, is a little more reserved (ignores her mostly)….he is learning to ‘share’ his pal Brody, with his new little sister. She also joins a home with 5 cats- all of whom she greets enthusiastically with a wiggly body and wagging tail. Phoebe is also doing well with housetraining.  She even goes over to the door so as long as I’m alert to where she’s at, I can usually get her out now before she goes on the rugs.  Right now, as I type this,  all three dogs are here in the living room with me….snoring!
Geebie’ (as I usually call her unofficially)…is sweet, smart, and just lovely and fun to have as part of our family.  She still has fear issues but is learning to deal better with life.  As she settles into her new home with lots of love and hugs and reassurance, a wonderful little dog is emerging out of her shell!
MANY thanks to all who were involved in getting Phoebe safe and sound out of the kill shelter and up to New York! You guys are the true angels…I am just here to love them as I’ve not the GUTS to do what you all do.  Thank God for you rescue workers and foster Moms too.  In this cold world, it’s heart warming to know there are people out there like you who swoop down and truly rescue these poor little ones who did not ask to be born.  Oh- if only people would just wake up and spay and neuter, and CARE ENOUGH to not breed when it’s not necessary!
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