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We adopted “Raven” (formerly Porshe) in October of 2011.  We also have an 8 year old Rottweiler named Nyssa who at first did not know what to make of this little bundle of energy!  Raven soon won her over and they have been playmates ever since.  She also loves to play with our two boys and is learning very quickly that it is really great to have a big yard to run around in.  Outside is her favorite place to be with her pal Nyssa.  When we let her inside she does what we call the “bodyslam.”  Whoever lets her in the door yells “incoming” to alert whoever is sitting on the couch because Raven will leap through the air and slam her body into you as if to say “hi – I’m here to hang out with you now!”  She then likes to just snuggle up with you and relax.  She is definitely a happy puppy and has brought a lot of laughs to our home.  She enjoyed being part of our family picture for Christmas this year.
We are so happy Rescued Treasures found her and brought her here from Kentucky.  Thanks for giving her the chance for a life with our family!
The Wilbert family
Webster, NY