We wanted to write to bring you up to date on Chichi’s first few days in his new home. We are happy to report that he is doing fine and is adapting well to his new environment. In just four days he has made remarkable progress. On our first day with him we took Chichi for a walk, although we half think he was the one taking us for a walk. Since yesterday he has allowed us to maintain the same pace with him and no longer pulls on his leash.
       From a distance he has made some new friends in the neighborhood. Though we are still cautious to allow him to interact with other dogs in the neighborhood, his confidence has excelled significantly since the first day. What was initially barking and spot marking has already become friendly sniffs and tail wagging.
      We are proud to report that his energy level is through the roof. He loves playing with various toys, gives chase to a rolling ball and leaps high over human limbs, small furniture, or whatever obstacle he encounters.
      Monday was the start of his first full day at home. We know he wasn’t happy about being put in a crate for a few hours, however, the very next day he went in without any issue and was calm as could be as we left. Tuesday evening we came home and found him quietly waiting for our return. As soon as he saw us his tail wagged, he welcomed us home with excitement and joy. This progress has continued without issue thus far.
     We were concerned about Chichi having accidents, however, there have been no issues since Monday afternoon. We do extend our complete thanks to Rescued Treasure’s for their service and care to animals in our region. We will keep you posted on Chichi with photos and stories.