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Merry Christmas Bonnie and Ed! We hope you’re doing well and enjoying your own pups, along with being great fosters. Duke has to be the most entertaining dog I’ve ever had. 😉 Duke and Max are great play partners, but all the dogs do get along. He hasn’t been with us for a full year yet (even though it feels like it), but he’s had an exciting 10 months. When I took Ethan to Cincinnati for his medical appts, Duke went with us. He was excellent during the ride and in the hotel, and he made friends at the dog park there. Went camping at Lakeside and swimming at Hamlin. Walked every night and he held up through all 5 miles (thankful that we had such great weather for as long as we did). If he was tired he’d share Ethan’s stroller – got a lot of looks and smiles (was pretty cute). 🙂 I attached 10 pics – hope they come through. Enjoy the holidays!

Happy New Year,
Heather, Ethan, Nikan, Mya, Max & Duke
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