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We adopted Ace, who we renamed Pax, in October of 2010 and he has changed our lives for the better.

Pax has grown, too fast, into a great dog and companion. He’s exactly what we envisioned as a pet and member of our family. He loves chasing Frisbee’s and squirrels in the backyard, playing tug-of-war with sticks and being observant of everything happening outdoors! He also loves the walks on the beach; well, any walk for that matter! He’s eager to give us kisses when we get home and also has a new found love for watching Animal Planet with us at night, snuggled up on the couch.

paxonadopted paxonadopted2 paxonadopted3 paxonadopted4Thank you very much for our adorable little boy! We couldn’t imagine our days with out him now.