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“Sammi” is now Kaeda (kay-duh) and she is doing wonderful! Shortly after she was adopted we had to put down our older dog. Kaeda seemed lonely so we decided (even though it’s winter) that we would adopt another puppy so Kaeda had a friend to play with. We adopted another rescue dog whose name is Tenley and the girls love each other. It’s very fun to watch them play, explore, and grow together.
Kaeda is loving the snow! The first snow fall was almost over her head. When she walks she ends up licking the fresh snow off the ground on her way to her bathroom spot. The girls first Christmas was wonderful, I think they got more presents than anyone else. She is currently in obedience class at the SPCA and she is a very smart cookie. Although she is one of the smallest in her class she is certainly vocal. She makes sure everyone else knows that she has entered the room. She is also still a complete cuddle bug. Tenley prefers to lay in her own bed on the floor, but not Kaeda… she is happiest curled up in someones lap on the couch.