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Just wanted to update you on Pirta’s (AKA Michelle) progress.  We’ve just come back from a walk during which she was never on a lead!  She ranges about on either side of the trails, chasing squirrels and other invisible prey.  She just tears around-she has beautiful action when she jumps and runs.  Treats interspersed with lots of praise keep her coming back and sitting.  She winded quickly at first, but is getting much better.  She’s been at the sammy kennel twice during the day when I had to be away and she loves it.  With the cooler weather, she also rides in the car and truck more, and loves that too, and attracks lots of petting.  She has an interesting (and wonderful) habit of quieting down very, very quickly after she’s been excited by an activity or attention: we’ve never seen it in a dog before.  She’s very calm and I’ve only seen her annoyed when I’ve been trying to brush her tail or back end.  She’s a sweet, sweet animal.Success-storieselement82