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Medic formerly known as “Prada” is having a wonderful life!

While not needing another dog, nonetheless a 12-week old possibly deaf and vision impaired double Merle border collie puppy, I couldn’t resist the drive, determination, and love of life this little girl had. After working with Rescued Treasures and Cornell University of Veterinary Science to conduct an eye exam and BAER test she got the all clear! This little white puppy was here to stay. Through her tom-boy attitude, “Prada” didn’t fit her very well. During my EMT class it struck me that her name should be Medic — and it stuck. Medic is loving life with her Australian Shepherd siblings Frankie and Blitz, and her little dog friend Noel. She enjoys going to herding lessons, will soon be introduced to lure coursing, therapy work, obedience, and disk dog, but the love of her life is AGILITY, and boy is she good at it! Medic is registered with ASCA, CPE, and AKC as “Code Blue’s Enroute to Scene” with the call name Medic. I can’t thank Shayla (her foster mom) enough for all the socializing she did as a puppy and for working so hard with me. Medic can’t wait to start competing and being an advocate that rescue dogs can be show dogs too!