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Hi, my name is Kacie.  I was my Mom’s first foster kitty!

I was living in the city in a not-so-good home.  A nice lady named Jennifer came and picked me up and then my Foster Mom came and took me to her house that same day.

She knew right away that I was a boy kitty …. The other people I lived with before said I was a girl.  And then when she took me to the vet she found out I had a bad wound on my side.  I had to have a drain put in and wear a collar for a week!  I also had to stay away from the other cat in my new home until I was healed.  I would stick my little paw under the door and the other kitty would play with me, though!   We are best friends now.

I also live with a dog who kept chasing me ….. but I’m not afraid of her anymore and now we get along pretty good (except when I tease her…then she will still give me a little chase).

My new family fell in love with me and said I could stay with them forever, so they adopted me!   I’m such a friendly, happy and wild kitty!  We are all so lucky that we found each other.