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Hello and Thank You Rescued Treasures!!!!

We adopted Koda (Beethoven) at the end of July 2011 and he has been a joy from day one!
He is a sweet, smart and playful pup. He loves walks around the neighborhood, chasing balls and frisbees, and playing with the kids. He loves to be anywhere we are and has done extremely well with his potty training!
He started puppy classes this past Saturday and looks like he will do well with his clicker training too. He gets LOTS of attention where ever we go because he is a beautiful pup and so full of excitement and love 🙂
Success-storieselement170 beethovenadopted2Koda is our very first dog and such a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you Rescued Treasures for doing such a wonderful job and saving these beautiful animals so that they can live long healthy lives and bring so much happiness into the lives of others!