Maverick (formerly Blizzard) is absolutely amazing! He is about 40lbs now and his left ear never quite stood up all the way (which is the cutest thing ever!) he is so good. We go on long hikes through letchworth state park every week. He loves having the huge yard to play in and gets so excited whenever you mention car rides. He goes almost everywhere with us and gets along with every other animal he comes across, whether it is dog, cat, or horse. He loves them all. He knows all sorts of tricks and even can almost say ‘I love you’ when he talks. It’s awesome! He also loves to play soccer. He puts a toy in his mouth then kicks the ball around. He does it for hours! He is so smart! I just want to say thank you again. I don’t think there could have been a better match for us.  We love Mav so much! Thank you again!