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Here is an update on our adopted American Eskimo dog Shadow (Kiki)  Shadow settled in quickly at our home. She had a problem at first with my husband, it was like she was afraid of men. Patty, his foster mom, had said that she never did make up with her boyfriend, so sounds to me like she had a problem with men for some reason or another.
Shadow would follow me all over the house no matter where I went. She is so loving   She made up with my husband Harold within 2 weeks I would say. Now she sleeps on our bed with us. As I get up in the morning before Harold, she has actually crawled up next to him and put her head on his chest. I’d say she made up with him real well. He is
extremely good with her, and now we do not have the worry of her not accepting him.

Shadow just loves the snow! If you saw her you would have to laugh. She just rolls and rolls and jumps around in it It is so much fun to watch her. You can just see the smile on her face when she’s outside playing in it. Of course we keep her on the leash at all times, and she does get tangled up in it once in a great while, but she stops what she’s doing and waits for us to untangle her, and then goes back to her tumbling acts. What a wonderful girl she is!!!

We are very thankful to have Shadow, and thank you so much for everything you did for us during the adoption period..

Bev Nichols
Ashville, NY
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